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All the random shit I make when I have nothing better to do than just sit around on my computer (Which is most of the time)
Also remember, I can cook up a mighty-fine tasting logo, so if you need one, don't hesitate to ask.

(Click images for a larger version)

  More ECAP logos ECAP Propaganda
Agent Orange - With influence from some cool graphic design I just saw.
We hate Bush.
The Cool Aid Army - The Anti-Army
Yet another logo.
My winning MDA logo, for my school, Stout
Electric Cool Aid - The new breed.
Electric Cool Aid - Past and Present
Hehe, Corporations are funny...
Cool Cycle
Burning Vision
The Star - A True Ladie's Man
Skit - Grafitti
Self Destruction V. Global Destruction
Electric Cool Aid Ad
Apocalypse Richard
Mike Electric Cool Aid Logo Water Version 2
Electric Cool Aid Packet
Black Flood Diesel Test Logo

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