Workshop - Electric Cool Aid - Devil's Advocate

Ummm...Well we have some things in the works right now. Check the news for when they are coming out. We should be putting out some shorts pretty soon, and more art and merchandise, so check back often.

Free (For Now) Productions:
The Electric Cool-Aid colouring book - We are nice enough to let you people out there have a chance to bask in the glory of comic book creation. Or something like that, well here's a drawing to colour, so send it to us when you're done and we'll post it if it's good.

Other stuff: If you REALLY want to read the original Electric Cool Aid comic, just mail us, and we will probably be able to print you out a copy or two (For a price of course). But no refunds because of lack of plot, ok! Here's a sample from the original book, judge for yourself.

Electric Cool Aid Packets - We are currently in the process of producing Packets of Electric Cool Aid (No relation to Kool-Aid Brand™ soft drinks, and contain no narcotic elements), to advertise the site, and just for the hell of it. You can see the test packet image here, and if you want, you can purchase them from us for a small fee.

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