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07/11/02 - Just finished with the latest drawing, a picture of Ray from a photograph. Pencilled by Richard, Inked and Coloured by William. This is one of my personal favorites so far. Look for more new work to come!

07/05/02 - After a prolonged absence, we are finally back, and working harder than ever! Computer and emotional troubles have kept us from our work for too long, but now we're back with new wallpaper, and a flier for the upcomming comic: Maggots of Corruption.

04/30/02 - Finally finished the new drawing by Richard, it's him in the city. Hope you all like it! More work will be coming soon!

04/27/02 - After an extended period of inactivity, due to tests, papers, a social life, and other issues, we are finally back to work. A new drawing by Richard will be up as soon as I finish coloring it. Check out the workshop to get a sneak-peek. After finals and all that school crap, I should be updating on a more regular basis.

02/28/02 - Updates, updates, and more updates; Will I never stop? Well I hope you all are enjoying them. If anyone is interested, you can check out some opinions articles I wrote for my school newspaper here. Thats right, this means that I've actually quit being lazy and gotten a job. I'm also trying to implement a few new features in the culture page and elsewhere, so be patient and check 'em out. Thats all for now. Over and out.

02/09/02 - Wow, finally finished the complete redesign of the page, I hope everybody likes it, cause it took a lot of work! As a celebration of this victory over technology, we are releasing, for a limited time only, free ECAP desktop wallpaper! Go here to check it out.

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