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Pencils and Inks by Richard, Inks and Colours courtesy of William
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Smilin' Flier
Ray - From a photo
Richard in the city
Pink Rabbit
Ray with Wings

Star Chick - Colouring #2Star Chick
Which colouring do you like better?

The Bugs!  (New)
Punk Chick
Punk Chick Colouring 2
Gothic Girl
Richard in the City
William with molotov cocktails
Don't Open 'Til Doomsday
Born Innocent
Gothic William
Riot Grrl
Krista in front of Ex-Cyber-X
Devil Inside
Electric Cool Aid Cover
Richard and Girlfriend Manga
Manga Richard
The Bug - Manga Edition
A newer colouring of the bug
Joe Manga Version
Surreal Ray
William (Headache)

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