My Diary/Rants

All the random thoughts that unfortunately run through my head, and out onto this page. Be warned, any/all/or even none of these may be really stupid, juvenile, or pointless, so only read this page if you really want to know about me.

Politics - Hmmmm....Should I even venture into this realm of thought at the current time? Well, all I have to say is that people on a whole should concern themselves more with finding as much information as possible about politcal issues before they make a sudden knee-jerk reaction to any event. As a country, we seem more interested in blind nationalism and faith in a dying economy than in the truth. I firmly believe that truth and understanding will bring more positive change to the world than killing people ever will.

What I want out of life (At the current moment): I have no idea.

Long-Term Goals: To move to Portland, OR with Richard, Ray, and as many other friends as I can drag along.


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