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Wednesday, November 07, 2001
Adbusters: Buy Nothing Day President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, Prime Minister Chretien and other world leaders are a one-note choir these days. "Shop!" they cry. "Shop like you've never shopped, shop like you're not already sinking in personal debt. Shop because at this time of crisis your country needs you to. Shop because the economy and hence the whole world's economic well-being is at stake.

Monday, November 05, 2001
Treatise on the Origins of Lost Control: Volume 1,
Loss of Personal Responsibility and Extreme Economic Specialization.
The corporation is founded on the principle of the limited (read extremely limited) liability of it's shareholders, and to a slightly lesser extent, it's officers (e.g. they cannot be held personally liable for company debt). Now, this lack of personal liability (and thus responsibility) grows exponentially with economic growth (larger workforce, volume, etc.) as the number of people within each corporation grows as well as the number of corporations. This diffuses responsibility. Combined with ever increasing economic specialization (i.e. increasingly narrow function of the worker in order to increase efficiency) the whole system begins to resemble a covert cell based network (like, ironically, a terrorist organization) in which the left hand doesn't know, nor can duplicate what the other is doing. The layers of corporations, governments, commercial exchanges seperating the consumer from production skyrockets, until many layers before the consumer don't know (or care) where the product (or components of the product) are produced (nor more importantly, under what conditions). With this idea in mind, one must realize economics really run the world, and as the economic system spirals out of control, just so the world.

------------!New Topic Suggestion!--------------

Overpricing of products in our capitalist system. Why, where, who, and how much is is done?
It is ethical or justified?
Any thoughts?

Sunday, November 04, 2001
The revolution will not be televised... it will be forumized!

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