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AKA Who the Hell are these guys?

Pay no attention to those two freaks behind the curtain!

The creators of this site, and nearly all of the stuff on it are: Agent Orange (AKA William, on the right) and Gitchmaster Zero (AKA Richard, on the left).

William is master of:
All things computer-ey
Inking (Occasionally)
Concepts and writing

Contact Info:

The Electric Cool Aid official email address is ecap@comic.com

For all comments/complaints/questions, or if you wish to make requests for merchandise, etc. email William.
Also, be sure to send any (and all) artwork you would like to see posted here, rants, cookbooks or porn to William.

Richard's domain of expertise spans over:
Concepts and plot
Mastery of the universe

To reach either of us by snail mail, or by fone, e-mail us first, and then cut off your right ear to prove your loyalty, and we'll send you our mailing addresses or phone numbers.

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