The page for all the useful site, info, images, etc that we find on the 'net.

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The Box network - Some of the most useful sites on the internet.
IMDB - Great for when you get in arguments with your friends about movies.
AllMusic - Ditto, but for music.
DIY Revolution
DIY Auction
WWOOF - Willing workers on organic farms
- Piercing -

Tribalectic - Custom Jewelry
Gen-X Jewelry
MisterRidiculous - DIY, Veganism, and more!


Wisconsin Punk Online - The name says it all
Non-Prophets - An awesome hip-hop collective
- Twin Cities -

Rhymesayers - Minneapolis hip-hop
Big Fuckin' Skull - "The best fuckin band in the history of music."


- My friend Andy's webpage
Brooke's Page - U2 rocks - Some of the best artwork you'll ever see!


Nerve - E-Zine about sex and culture
StraightEdge - Drug free youth
Positive Youth|anization|work
Organic Jewelry - A kick-ass site for some awesome tribal jewelry

body jewelry by bodyPUNKS!

- Bodypunks is a pretty cool jewelry site.


Slave Labor Graphics - Our favorite comic company
40oz. Comics - Another of our favorite comic companies

Oni Press - Yet another comic company
Northland Poster Collective - Posters and more


Stout Greensense - The local environmentalist organization
Natural Collection
- Natural shopping site


McSpotlight - Info about Mickey-D's
PETA - People for the ethical Treatment of Animals
Milk Sucks - Why it does
Store Wars - The evils of Walmart
Chicago CriticalMass - Biking at its finest

Carpool Lane Industries - Biking and more

Chunk 666 - Preparing for the Anticarmageddon
Cars-R-Coffins - Punk biking


Project Censored - What they don't want you to know


Phonebashing - wow
FARK - The best source for amusing news and commentary

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